• Paid Services – You have ten minutes to talk about: two sets of parents, best man, ushers, friends, your bride, how you met etc etc. So if you’ve paid for a service forget about wasting any valuable lines telling them how great they were and save it for the people who count.
  • Parents – This is pretty much your one opportunity to tell your parents how great you really think they are and what amazing job they’ve done. Don’t dismiss them with one line and don’t fall down the trap of waxing lyrical about your new in-laws and skimping on your mum and dad.
  • Bride – We want to hear about how great she is, how you met and what she means to you. This is not an opportunity to showboat your lavish lifestyle and wave your wads in the face of wedding guests. Talking about yourself is distasteful at best, so don’t list all the amazing countries you’ve visited together or that time you were in Quaglino’s I want to know what she’s like as a person.
  • Length – never under five minutes, never over ten. Every wedding speech is all the better for lack of detail. The worst wedding crime in the world is talking for too long.


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