Well, the first thing to remember is that being the Best Man is actually supposed to be a pleasure and a privilege, but in the run-up to the wedding, it’s fair to say that most Best Men aren’t exactly feeling the love.

The chances are that you’re either worried about public speaking, aren’t sure how to write it, worried about being funny enough, or simply running out of time…more than likely a combination of all four!

On this page I’ve listed lots of information you could use to write your own Best Man Speech, or you could save yourself a lot of time and stress, guarantee success, and ask me to write it for you!


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  1. Every speech is completely unique and individual
  2. There are no internet jokes and nothing you’ve heard before
  3. Unlimited Editing and support from the minute you commission me.
  4. There is a one off fee depending on the level of service, and that can give you unlimited 'me' until you deliver the speech
  5. It is a completely DISCREET service – nobody will ever know you’ve used me
  6. Every speech is written to sound like you wrote it – but on a really good day!
  7. This is the only speech writing service that runs an independent Google verified review system
  8. Last Minute Deadlines are no problem